Delivery Dogs

What is a Delivery Dog?

If you are a dog owner now, then chances are you have owned many dogs in your lifetime. If you are fortunate enough to have been loved or touched in some special way by a dog, then you most likely hold those memories alone and close to your heart. You may pull the memories out from time to time and relive how special the dogs were to you, but they most likely have been private to only you.

CŌ Collars wants to breathe new life into those memories and give your special dog(s) a whole new purpose by nominating them as a Delivery Dog (D Dog) for our collars. D Dogs are dogs who have either been forever lost to the owner or who have passed over. D Dogs will package and deliver the collars and be provided the opportunity to tell their special story on the CŌ Collar website. Within each package shipped to customers by a D Dog, there will be a small slip or paper containing the dog’s name and a unique identifying code. Proof of delivery by your D Dog will be indicated by their bite marks appearing on the bottom corner of each package. With this information, the purchaser can go to the CŌ Collar website and read the D Dog’s story about what made them so special to you. It will be an interactive web page such that the reader of the D Dog’s story can personally thank the dog for the delivery and/or their story.

How to nominate a Delivery Dog

With a minimum purchase from CŌ Collars of $50, or through a $50 tax-deductible donation to Dyranomics, you can nominate your very own D Dog to deliver our collars. Regardless of your $50 choice, always know that for every collar purchased, CŌ Collars will also donate $5 to Dyranomics. Don’t have a dog…no problem! You can gift away your D Dog nomination to anyone of your choice. For a $500 tax-deductible donation to Dyranomics, your D Dog can be featured on the CŌ Collar website and on the cover of the monthly Bark’CŌLounger insert. By not only sharing the memories of your special canine companion with others, those memories can also now work to ease and extend the quality of life for our living companion dogs in ALL households on the planet!

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