It’s More Than Just A CollarHelping dog owners extend the quality
of life for their aging canines

It’s a Conversation Starter

Open up a whole new world for dogs talking to dogs, dogs talking to humans, and humans talking to other humans through their dogs.

The CŌ Collar Conversation

Let’s Talk…

Through varying types of ultra-thin, pliable metal-colored strips with unique engraved narrative, the dog is able to take human words they have overheard in human conversation and translate those words into K9₵.

Join the Community…

The CŌ Collar not only brings the conversation back to your best friend, but stars the conversation with other CŌ owners. With the collar, your dog will also be given a unique ID number which will be used to access our community of dog owners. 

We Exist to Change the Lives of Dogs

When well-intentioned people purchase a family dog, they drastically underestimate the lifetime cost of that guardianship. Although the companionship and bond between dog and human is priceless, Forbes estimates that the lifetime cost of ownership can be upwards of $17,000 per year depending on a dog’s medical needs, with considerably higher costs in the dog’s senior years. This leads to early relinquishment of dogs to shelters, where 56% of dogs entering a shelter are ultimately euthanized. As life-long dog owners, we at Dyranomics understand the stress associated with the challenges of living with a hearing impaired dog. As such, we partner with the medical field to develop both economical and accessible remedies for common, and age-related ailments in canines with the intent of reducing these numbers in order to allow dog ownership to be more affordable for all households. Our intent is to collect $5 from every dog owner in the US to make this happen through “Give $5 for Fido” campaigns. With over 80 million dogs in the US we empower every dog owner to be part of the solution with a minimal contribution, while collectively, they extend the quality of life for all dogs on the planet. Because we will pave the highlighted path simple and wide for you, all dog owners will experience longer and more fulfilling lives with their canine companions.

Our Canine Family Can Live Forever as Delivery Dogs

CŌ Collars wants to breathe new life into those memories and give your special dog(s) a whole new purpose by nominating them as a Delivery Dog (D Dog) for our collars. D Dogs are dogs who have either been forever lost to the owner or who have passed over. D Dogs will package and deliver the collars and be provided the opportunity to tell their special story on the CŌ Collar website.

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